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Advanced Aerospace has been designing and delivering custom carbon fibre solutions to established airlines and other industry players since 2009. From prototyping to full production, our expertise enables us to produce the highest quality composite components and structures for our clients.


Case study 1.

Serving Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic

When the maker of Air New Zealand’s business class seat were suddenly left without a tray table manufacturer in 2009, they trusted Advanced Aerospace to produce this vital and complex part within a short time frame.

The challenges included creating a set of manufacturing drawings, machining four sets of composite tooling, jigs and fixtures, as well as setting up dedicated work spaces for secondary bonding and post-paint assembly. We also had to master applying a water-based three-stage colour that Air New Zealand had chosen. Added to this, we produced a complete set of tray table process paperwork, including manufacturing instructions and compliance documents.

Air New Zealand were so pleased with the outcome that in 2012 they invited Advanced Aerospace to create their next generation tray - a tray which Virgin Atlantic also bought the rights to.

In 2014, Air New Zealand also commissioned us to refurbish all their 737 monuments - a complex task which involved stripping all coatings, repairing damage, repainting and reassembling.

“The partnership between Advance Aerospace and Air New Zealand has been very successful and instrumental to the success of critical Air New Zealand projects.”

Air New Zealand, 2017

Case study 2.

Delivering innovative carbon fibre solutions

Advanced Aerospace also has a reputation for working at the cutting edge of carbon fibre aeronautical design. One project we were proud to be involved with was making the wings and fuselage for an experimental aircraft designed for use on helicopter pads.

This exciting project is another example of Advanced Aerospace’s ability to produce large carbon fibre structures - in this case the wings and fuselage. We achieved this by using carbon fibre prepreg with Nomex Honeycomb and PU foam cores, followed by a vacuum bag oven cure.



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